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Stop Reckless Life Styles



7th April 2019


Officers and men of 2nd Div Mbarara have been cautioned against engaging in reckless life styles of promiscuity and alcoholism among many others . This was said by his excellency the president of the Republic of Uganda and the commander in chief of the armed forces Gen Yoweri Kaguta museveni during his visit at the Div headquarters.

While interfacing with the officers, the president revealed that ever since he came to power in 1986, he has never fallen sick or hear he is admitted in hospital , because he takes his life seriously. " Dont put ur lives at risk by going with several women because in the end you will get sick " , the president warned.

He commended the officers and men for the good work they are doing of protecting Ugandans with their property saying Uganda now is very peaceful. On soldiers renumerations , the president said since 1986, the GDP was very low and the Revenue collections vis-a-vis the needs of the country have been many buh over time, the revenue collections have been going up and so has also been the salaries of all public servants , he promised to continue fighting hard to increase it slowly by slowly.

The president also revealed plans by government to construct standard houses for soldiers and ease the problem of accomodation in the barracks . On housing, offices,schools and roads will all be worked on by this major program which is yet to be rolled out soon. Which will see every Bde with a primary and a secondary school for soldiers children. He went ahead to hint on the starting of an army University which will offer courses like medicine,Engineering, Accounts ,political science among many others .

The president also taught the officers the principles of the liberation struggle that's Patriotism ,pan africanism,modernization and Democracy. He went a head to to tell the officers that past armies were characterized by arrogance, ant people, superstitious among many others which made them to be dreaded by the people. The president said governments effort is now on Health,Education, Wealth ,prosperity for all and Security.

He pledged Sh.100m towards soldiers wives sacco , saying as soldiers are engaged with the task of protecting ugandans their wives can also be engaged in small income generating activities to supplement on what their husbands are getting for their development as a family. He was happy to note that Soldiers wives in 2nd Div were already running some projects such as piggery and mushroom production and many others which was good.

The meeting was also attended by the CDF - Gen David Muhoozi, CLF - Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso [ Senior presidential adviser on special duties], Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu JCOS, Maj Gen Dr Ambrose Musinguzi Updf chief of medical services, Maj Gen Timothy Sabiti commander Engineers bde, Brig Richard Karemire the Defence spokesperson and the chief political commiser Brig Henry Matsiko

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